Coto Partners is a management consulting practice that brings a practical approach to the business of healthcare, health IT, Big Data and analytics:

  • Patients and the front line staff who serve them are high value business assets.
  • Technology needs to support the success of people who are engaged to achieve high quality outcomes.
  • Managers need reliable information that supports timely decisions

Boundaries often Must Change to support growth, even survival, in this dynamic era.

Together we can apply "the will to persevere and the grace to compromise" in reaching extraordinary and essential results.

From Business and Systems Architecture,
to Operations and Continuity, 
to Standards Development and Best Practices,
Coto Partners is a reliable, efficient choice to for practical guidance and results you can trust.

Our Story

We started on this journey by designing and delivering innovate member support and advice nurse telephone service centers for some of the largest health care organizations.  This work brought an intense focus on front line work flow, efficiency and quality.  As our clients matured in the systems and capabilities, our focus shifted to the challenge of analytics - how to apply available innovations in patient and process measurement to navigate the emerging world of value-based care and "accountable care."

Getting "hands dirty" with standards and interfaces led to valuable insights around "open" approaches:

Open Standards / Open Source / Open Governance

When it comes to saving time and conserving scarce financial resources, "open" has been a pathway to extraordinary results that delight our clients, time and again.  The "open" methods, blended with the world's best prime vendor solutions are performing at exceptional levels in many settings.  While the time and expense involved in our contribution to major programs may be minor, our ability to enable breakthrough performance and attain high-value milestones with astute use of "open" resources is always gratifying.


Whether you're starting off on a significant journey, or racing to cross the finish line, we're glad to share our knowledge and insights.  If you need a seasoned hand with technical delivery or the management of teams / vendors / budgets, we have a broad range of experience, all based on meeting targets and fulfilling tough objectives.  Please call on us.